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aa With a passion for finding connection between past and present an idea arose that led us to explore our roots. This allowed us to bond between a cultural sentiment, awareness and complete freedom. We searched for a way to express this concept and found a way to do so through clothing and other intimate items.

Every piece combines traditional and modern elements; allowing the wearer to experience harmony and balance between both. Each piece tells a different story based on our journey and our pre-Hispanic origins. We seek to uncover our inner warriors in a planet that calls us to the front more than ever.

All purchases made help contribute 10% of our profits to an indigenous tribe; the Wixarika, who struggle every day to keep their land and heritage from being taken away. (learn more here) We are committed to spreading consciousness through our 100% Mexican crafted products all designed by us and we happily welcome you to the Muan family!

11 replies on “About Us

  • Ramon

    Guys, I’ve just missed you, hahaha.

    This afternoon I visited my Friend Saïd (Puha store in Utrecht) where I found your fantastic poncho on the counter. Meant for my other friend Marie Angela… Things in life. I am looking for a well crafted, good looking piece of garment like that for a long time.

    i Will order Some stuff soon, have you any idea of the black one will be back in store soon? thanks for showing me the way!

    Ramon Goedvree aka Edgar Nevermoo

    • Sebastian Bernal

      Hey Ramon!

      Missed us by a few hours hahaha that sucks! Very happy for the timing though, at least you got to see the poncho. I am preaty confident that I have a couple of black ones in Amsterdam (They are sold out in Mexico though). Write to me here ([email protected]) and we can make it happen because I don´t have any in stock online.

      Much love.

  • rodionmeister

    Me pregunto si están en Querétaro? Vi algunas caras conocidas en sus fotos, si sí, me gustaría saber si tienen alguna tienda física para probarme alguno de sus m0odelos.
    saludos y buena vibra!! Felicidades por este proyecto!


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