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“Until they are aware of their strength, they will not rebel, and until after they have revealed themselves, they will not be aware. That's the problem". –George Orwell.

Adaptation has been one of the greatest virtues of human beings for many years; capable of living at sea level, thousands of kilometers high, in deserts and mountains, small islands, remote jungles, rural towns and huge cities.

Adapting is also a social requirement in which each person, to be recognized as a citizen, must pay taxes, study a career, believe in a god, start a family, work to have money, use that money to consume and measure the level of existence. according to what one is individually capable of possessing. For hundreds of years that has been the goal of man and those who have tried to get out of that line have become martyrs and rebels who take a long step that extinguishes them from the present to become the change of the future.

Friederich Nietzche declared that his writings were not for the thinking of his time, but for the philosophers of the future who would take his teachings and make them their own. Well, not long after, at the beginning of the 21st century, these philosophers appeared in the faces of young people who began to open their own paths, destroying ancient ideals to make way for reason. They founded their own principles on the power of self and later combined that strength with the power of “sharing.”

After the September 11 Attacks, millions of people around the world began to severely question the credibility of social institutions, governments, the media, universities and religious structures. The world had found a path to a new revolution.

The evolution of technology was aimed at maintaining a certain order and control of the masses. But these masses became a creative collective that in a few years would rise to the level of the system that oppressed them and the misfits took charge of society, imposing a new panorama that has been responsible for opening the eyes and minds of those who They have followed them.

The influence of the new generations has been materialized thanks to the understanding of their function as human beings and by having taken as their standard, emotional ideals such as the strength of love, the power of art, the renewal of culture, the empowerment of the community and the recharged optimism that has helped them break structures to make life an experience of transcendence and instant recognition.

In the last three years, communication was taken by young people to share the reality of the world, to found a generation of warriors who fight for the truth through experimentation, taking to the streets to protest, skipping the processes to exercise, decreasing times, risking everything to obtain everything.

After the earthquake of September 19, Mexico has led a global awakening; The movement of the earth also moved society in the direction that this great living being has shown it.

Hands have not only been extended to help but to rebuild and the world applauds the courage of those who decided to stay when the alarms had taught them to flee.

The energy of the people is aligned with the changes of the planet, global recognition is not for those who govern but for those who act, images finally defeated words and new verbs arise in a vision of the future that becomes more every day present.

The generational change has finally achieved its objective and the power of man begins to merge with the power of nature, to show us that behind the curtains of ignorance lies a reality that will take us to a dimension of new beginnings, new learning and of a human spirituality that will be based on the new development of the mind, the body and the events of the universe itself.

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