Nostalgia of the Future

          By Arturo Olvera

There is no state in time that guides fashion design better than waiting for what will come, the search for new inspiration or the definition of modern needs. Vanguard and innovation walk a route that is inherently connected to communication, in which both accelerate the process of creating digital personalities. The latest trends propose a minimalist lifestyle at home but winds of freedom in the way we dress and explore the world

The fear of external opinions as to how we dress and express individual tastes has become an endangered trend; Young people around the planet share their styles and creativity through Instagram, finding through the web a huge platform that connects with millions. Exceeding the proposed photographic use of the application we are creating a giant showcase which births new talents, great stories of style and reflections of the world we live in today. For fashion has always been the historical representation of human thought, its architecture, and the way in which life pulsates through time in a space that has no boundaries.

Consciousness has become a new factor that designers focus on, as well as the use of recyclable materials or garments that can evolve. Opening the panoramic view of fashion towards multiple paths that not only explore the visual but also economic responsibility, trying to cause less impact on the environment and human life. 

The uncomplicated proposals motivate designers to create novel accessories, extravagant fabrics and concepts that reach the human mannequin that today circulates the web.

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The world of fashion has reached a very interesting limit, it has left behind the conventional silhouettes and the exact cuts to give way to an era that resembles what has been seen in science fiction during the last 30 years;  The “spatial” style of futuristic cuts and basic colors make fashion a precedent that today becomes kind of post apocalyptic.

Perhaps creatives will be able to see beyond the necessities and be part of an ideological evolution that will not leave out style or good taste. Because for human beings, from their most basic form to the most complex always find ways to decorate themselves, to be part of groups and at the same time declare their uniqueness through new dress codes that adapt to the continuous renewal of human existence.


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