Itzá better known in its time as the “Water Sorcerers.” This Mayan name refers to the sacred entrance (Xtoloc), the great natural cenote that the Maya considered one of the main entrances to Xibalbá, their underworld. The magic and powers that the Mayans possessed made them the sorcerers of ancient times, wielding ancient and hidden wisdom.

Such was their knowledge that they came to dominate the elements of the earth and the cosmos in their favor making them one of the most advanced cultures ever to exist. In this poncho lies the energy of ancestral magicians to empower everyone that uses it; and like water flow with the Universe.

Xibalba With Hoodie


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Blue Ethnic poncho / cape made from organic cotton

Unisize (45 ” x 55″)

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Dimensions 45 × 70 × 7 cm

with hoodie, without hoodie