Kahlo White Hat


Kahlo  tiene un aspecto elegante inspirado en rituales imaginativos y presencia artística. Invocar el poder de la manifestación femenina mientras se mantiene la libertad en la sexualidad. Una representación de talento y estilo que permite que la imaginación crezca.


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FAQ about Muan custom hats

In how many days does my hat arrive?

Hats usually take 5-10 days to ship since they are hand made, but it can be less time or very few times a little more.

Do I have to customize my hat?

No, you can order it without any accessories if you like a simpler design.

What comes with my hat?

Your hat comes with a protective cardboard box which also can be used as a traveling box

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Small (54-56cm), Medium (57-58cm), Large (59-61cm)