Madero Black Hat


Madero: The Madero hat gives a stylish look and upholds a tough and vigorous air. This classic piece fits perfectly with noble and strong people. People who love to look forward and don’t take any bullshit, who aren’t afraid to rise up and defend their beliefs, in defending what they stand for.

(The Tarot card is random and changes with each order) *


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FAQ about Muan custom hats

In how many days does my hat arrive?

Hats usually take 5-10 days to ship since they are hand made, but it can be less time or very few times a little more.

Do I have to customize my hat?

No, you can order it without any accessories if you like a simpler design.

What comes with my hat?

Your hat comes with a protective cardboard box which also can be used as a traveling box

Additional information


Small (54-56cm), Medium (57-58cm), Large (59-61cm)

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