Popoca (In Nahuatl, it smokes; gives off steam or aroma) It was the surname; or name of a warrior that according to Aztec mythology the gods turned into a mountain. Iconographically, according to the Nahua cosmogony, the term is represented by scrolls or virgulas of smoke or steam, which means: 'to breathe the breath of life'; 'emit, communicate the word'; 'pray, worship, offer'; 'keep in memory, remember'; 'express courage'; 'conquer on high, achieve victory'. Bellowing the immense power before a Volcano errupts just like the active Mexican Volcano "El Popocatepetl".


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Three sizes: Small | Medium | Large

S: length 27 1/2 inches | Width 19 1/2 inches

M: length 29 inches | Width 21 inches

L: length 30 inches | Width 23 inches



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Small, Medium, Large