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Cosmos (Limited one time poncho)


The sighting of the Milky Way, Wakah Chan, was very important in the mythological creation of the Mayans about the origin of the universe.

As many know, the Mayans were one of the greatest civilizations studied the most our heavens. They especially spoke and warned that everything that happens on Earth is influenced by large cycles, greatly affecting everything as a cosmic convergence in a unified habitat. They knew thanks to their observation, the periodicity of the eclipses, and therefore they could predict them. They also predicted the heliacal rise of Venus, and with great accuracy they knew the synodic revolutions of the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn; they also understood the periods of the moon, the sun, and stars such as the Pleiades.

Our cosmos is a whole body and we are just but a cell in this great harmonious organism.

Wakah Hoodie


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