Zac-Cimi 2


This piece was inspired by Mayan and Greek cosmovision. Rodrigo Salcedo and Muan wanted to represent one of the 5 Solid Platonics related to wind and also the 5 Mayan elements, using the god of wind Zac-Cimi. Forged with the most highest technology and craftsmanship available today, this necklace is art in form of jewelry.

According to the Mayan Culture, the Bacab are the 4 gods that sustain the world, descendants of ITZAMANÁ the 5th supreme deity. The Bacabs stand in the cardinal points supporting the World. Their names were Hobnil (South/Water), Cantzicnal (East/Fire), Zac-Cimi (North/Air) and Hosan-ek (West/Earth).

The 5 Solid Platonics are the geometries that sustain the whole physical universe and are also related to the 5 elements, the relationship between these two almost similar ways of viewing the universe are too similar to call a coincidence. Ancient sacred knowledge now manifested into this unique piece.

Bay u malel ik tulacalé: All things pass like the wind


*100% Mexican 925 Sterling Silver

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  •  925 Mexican Silver
  • Spinning head
  • Limited edition