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La fuerza del amor

The strength of love

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They say that happiness is not a goal but the complete path, that love will come when you find fulfillment, when you are responsible, correct, balanced, when you have money and can support a family or pay the bills... A lot is said about falling in love, about its effects and the butterflies that fly in your stomach when you see the person you like, that to love is to find your soul mate and share the rest of your life with them. But what happens when we are alone?

A proverb says that if you are your best friend, you will never be alone. It may sound sad, but in reality loneliness is the beginning of our existence, we are just a body that houses a spirit, together we travel through time, we grow and we meet other bodies; It seems simple and without any fun, but that's how I learned to truly love.

When we are children, when we have no voice, that is when we are closest to our origin, to our true being and that is why children are so wise and question so many things, because they are the philosophers of the future. The world has become a disaster because we have allowed millions of spirits to grow using their bodies irresponsibly, because educational systems have forced us to believe that we are here to rule, to be above everything that already exists...

I think about myself and what I learned the day I was completely alone, away from everyone I love, away from the safety of my home, that's when my true self began to manifest, it grew and just when I thought I would reach the end of my life, a voice inside me told me the secret that would change me forever: Love is Strength

According to Mark Twain, there are two moments in life that are the most important: The first is when you are born, the second is when you discover why. This is how I understood that love was my greatest power and I had to give it all, open doors, ignite minds, create new realities, project incredible dreams, show everyone that we have not come to this world to simply exist, we are here to experience life, to not be afraid of it, to give much more than a grain of sand. We are here because love opened our eyes, because love is above everything; above any social contract and any human ideal. Love travels through the universe to feed our spirit and makes it grow, not only within you but through all those who live in your time.

The truth will set you free and it will also make you angry, words are weapons, emotions are lessons and each reaction is a personal test. That is why balance is important, because we have to understand good and evil, because each one has its purpose and together they form the path of our lives.

Love was already waiting for you before you were born and that force grows around you along with nature, it travels through the wind, it travels through your words, through your emotions and feelings. Love is the beginning of all stories and is eternal. Love will lead you to a reunion with yourself, to the reflection of your being in everything you see, in what you understand and in what you cannot understand... We live in times of great fear, division and terror. However, we are facing one of the greatest times in the existence of human beings, anything can happen and in our hands is the opportunity to continue creating and growing from that force that will never stop.

The time has come to be eternal, to come to the future, to believe in ourselves again and to appreciate every being on this planet, because the portals are going to open and you have to be ready to go through them. We are facing the highest level of coexistence with the world!, and the earth is a being much more powerful than any human force, it has made it clear to us. You can continue running away from your responsibility or merge with the energy that will transform the universe. , because you are a cosmic event, your encounter with others is like the collision of two galaxies and that force is made so that you live like the greatest, without fear of anything.

That's why we have to do the same and love first, because love is the source of everything and you can't change its name or give it a different meaning, love found you and it will take you on the path of your dreams, love always fulfills you and your only job is to let the force flow in everything you do, in the way you see those you love most, in the spontaneous smile you show to those who pass you on the street, in a thank you. , in a helping hand, when you cook, when you eat, when you dance...

There is never enough space to talk about love, because it is everything. So close your eyes, breathe deeply and let your mind project the most beautiful reality, let it show you all those people who have to be in your life and listen to them, understand them, because together we are going to travel forever...

Love is Peace, it is Freedom and it is Understanding... Love is Strength, it is Truth and it is Knowledge.

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