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Our Processes

The history

Since 1985, the Big Kiss Knit factory, rooted in Moroleón, Guanajuato, has been more than a production site: it has been the heart and soul of what is known today as Muan. This story begins with Enrique López, one of the founding partners of Muan and an essential part of the Big Kiss Knit family, who, together with his father Enrique López Sr. and his wife Cecilia García de Alba, combined their love for fashion and their knowledge of the textile industry to give life to unique fabrics and garments that have written too many stories in Mexico and the world.

The process

The focus has always been "Knitting" — an art that develops from the careful programming of the rectilinear machines that Enrique operated to create canvases, to the final tailoring that Cecilia and the team of exceptionally skilled artisans perfected. Together, they have seen their vision grow into a powerful factory, and today, Muan is proud to be an extension of that legacy, offering clothing that is not only recognized throughout Mexico, but also celebrates bespoke customization. and the craftsmanship in each thread.

Muan & Big Kiss

Muan and Big Kiss Knit share a unique synergy: a fusion of family, fashion and tradition, woven into each piece with the same precision and care that has been passed down for generations. With every poncho, hat and jewelry that leaves our factory, we bring the spirit of Moroleón to the world, ensuring that each product is not only a fashion item, but a piece of our family history and commitment combining modern and artisanal quality. #WrapInOurLegacy

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