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With the passion of forging a link between the past and the present, an idea emerged that led us to explore our roots. This allowed us to create a connection with a cultural feeling, consciousness and complete freedom. We looked for a way to express this concept and we found it through clothing and other intimate items.

Harmony of Times
Each piece combines traditional and modern elements; allowing the wearer to experience harmony and balance between both. Each garment tells a different story based on our journey and our pre-Hispanic origins. We seek to discover our inner warriors on a planet that calls us to the front more than ever.

Weaving of Stories
From the "Knitting" technique in our ponchos and sweaters, to the creation of hats that adapt over time and 925 silver jewelry hand-forged in our workshop, at Muan each thread intertwines history and modernity. Enrique, one of our founding partners, brings the legacy of the Big Kiss Knit factory, fusing the textile tradition of Bajío with contemporary innovations, honoring the craftsmanship that distinguishes our garments.

Commitment and Community
We are committed to expanding awareness through our 100% artisanal Mexican products, all designed by us. Each purchase is an invitation to be part of the Muan family and carry a piece of our history and artisanal excellence.

We welcome you to the Muan family!

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