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Corn Hoodie

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After all that exists heaven and Earth were created, the creator gods Tepeu and Gucumatz decided that it was necessary to create the inhabitants of Earth who should protect and take care of the world. They decided to create men and women from mud, but the gods realized that because of that material they were weak and were unable to stand up. The second attempt was with wood. These men and women were strong, managed to reproduce and communicated very well among themselves, but these creatures had no memory, reasoning or emotions. They neither spoke with their creators nor respected them. The gods were not happy, therefore they sent a strong rain that lasted for days and nights in order to reduce the population of these beings. Finally, with the help of some animals, the gods found the final material to make man; “corn” or corn in Spanish. The animals presented to the gods four types of corn that existed (white, yellow, red and black corn). With these the gods formed the first human body. [maxbutton id="12"]

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